IT Assessment

Proceed immediately with a site visit to make an assessment to your current network and IT staff, prepare a report containing the current infrastructure layout and configuration, highlight the weak points that need to be fixed giving our recommendations.

Complete IT Solution

'Are you thinking about your new office? Are you going to upgrade your current infrastructure or even need to implement a new technology? It is time to request the Complete IT Solution Service. This one includes most of the IT solutions like physical infrastructure, network devices, servers, internet connection, IP cameras, wireless environment and different security systems.


DO NOT be hesitated when you are going to get a new IT device. You can ask Net4Life Team to purchase anything related to the IT world, and we will get your exact needs, help you by our recommendations and quotations from different vendors/suppliers to get the best solution.

Backup My Data

Did you hear before about the RANSOMEWARE and how it can encrypt your information? Are you thinking what if you lost your data? It is the right time NOW to use our important service Backup My Data. We will take a regular backup of your valuable information/data onsite or even offsite to make sure that you have a copy of it. We can also work to recover your lost data caused by H/W crash or formatting the HDD by mistake.

Remote Support

We can support you whenever/wherever you are. Just use one of our remote support tools, and we will be there within minutes. This service is almost for the issues that can be handled remotely.

Monthly Visit

'Monthly Visit' is a valuable service that guarantees a periodic health check to your network infrastructure and IT equipment, fix errors and give recommendations.

Net4Life Academy

Join us in one or more of our trainings/courses in Net4Life Academy. We have the ability to give you the basic knowledge in many of the IT areas. Training location is negotiable with clients.

Free Consultation

Because it is always a pleasure to help you and reply to your inquiries, Net4Life Team is offering a FREE CONSULTATION SERVICE through WHATSAPP, the one that is totally free of charge. Just text us on (002-01010688966), and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Mail n Domain

Need to grow up and extend your business ?

Hurry up and get a Domain and create a Website for your company.

Start to think professional while dealing with your customers by having your own Mail system for you and your staff.

A strong mail system will be waiting for you within few minutes.

Working From Home

Are you thinking how to REMOTELY access your local data stored at your premises from ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME ?

Are you planning to ask your staff to work from home ?

It is the right time to use our service "Working From Home" which will let you able to access your data remotely and in a secure way.

For service subscription, please contact us.